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What we do

CaptionWorks is an affordable captioning service that pairs human respeakers/voice writers with cutting-edge cloud-based speech technology to provide captions in near real-time.

Our secret sauce enables us to provide captions at lower cost, meaning we can deliver more captions to more people. By improving access to learning content through captions, we aim to:

  • Drive educational engagement
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Promote inclusivity within the classroom

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Our prices

We believe in making the world more accessible – every organization has limited budgets, so the best way to do that is reduce the cost using our great technology.

Our multiple best in class AI engines work together to deliver extraordinary results.


AUD 99/hr inc GST

billed in 15 minute blocks

Plan includes:
Professional respeaker
AI real-time proof-reading
Use when:
A clear understanding of meaning matters more than exact words – humans don’t always speak in perfect English
You value more complex punctuation accuracy


AUD 0.10/min inc GST
Plan includes:
The CaptionWorks hyper-fast AI speech recognition platform
Direct captioning and transcription from your computer
Use when:
You need a transcript that is virtually verbatim
Standard punctuation and speed of delivery is more important

How we work

Caption Work

CaptionWorks puts you in control by allowing you to book and reschedule captioning sessions

Caption Work

You control who can view captions for each session. All our services are encrypted. Several levels of security allow you to customise how open or limited you want the captions to be viewable.

View real-time captions in CapCaster

Caption Work

Captions are displayed on this site and appear as live

Caption Work

Copy and paste sections or download an entire transcript

Caption Work

Allows multiple viewers to access captions for the same class or meeting. And we can push captions directly into your meeting on Zoom or Teams

CaptionWorks Booking Portal

Caption Work

This is where you make bookings for your sessions

Caption Work

Add, change, or remove sessions for captioning

Caption Work

Allows you to manage all your bookings in one place

Caption Work

Shareable link provided for the captions viewer. For private sessions, lock down with authenticated users and individual session passwords

Get Started with CaptionWorks

Get Started with CaptionWorks

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members to learn how CaptionWorks can transform your meetings or lectures, allowing deaf or hard of hearing staff and students to participate in virtually the same time as everyone else, and increase accountability and meeting usefulness with accurate transcripts.